I find art in ordinary things.

My passion lies in drawing beauty from ordinary things and sharing it for the world to see. I am an artist at heart, creating to illuminate both the familiar and the unusual. I collect experiences from other cultures and portray them through photography. I craft original pieces from driftwood I find in natural environments. I explore new projects every day to reinvigorate new forms of art that I am creating, such as a photo compilation of snapshots from my youth reimagined from a different life perspective. I mobilize graphic design in my professional life to enhance clients’ artistic and professional expression.

For more than 20 years, I have specialized in graphic design. I have generated revenue for startup businesses, design and marketing agencies, web firms, and in-house marketing departments in various industries. Along my professional journey, companies and clients have recognized me through dozens of awards for creativity, messaging, and branding.

I launched my career by obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree with concentrations in graphic design and a focus on photography, along with both print and web media. I later owned my own business for nearly ten years, working with companies of all sizes and an array of different objectives.

I am a very active photographer, videographer, guitarist and hot pepper horticulturist (and occasional practical jokester in the office)!


Providing fresh perspectives in design.

Throughout my career, I have delivered exceptional finished products to my clients. I have rebranded well-established companies to give them a fresh new look and guided startups in creating innovative branding from the ground up. I have overseen the graphics element of campaigns that targeted specific customers and industries, all the while managing more general projects.

Digitally, my professional experience lies in website design, e-commerce, CSS/HTML coding, banner ads, email newsletters, and animation. On the print side, I have created items for trade shows, large signage, complex die-cut brochures, framed and mounted posters, magazine ads, and many other forms of collateral. I even crafted a large 3D glass world map mural. I also apply photography and videography in my work as media for clients’ artistic expression.

I operate not only in the more creative aspect of design, but also in its more concrete applications. All in all, I have been involved in every phase of the development of projects, from their concepts to finished products.

Graphic Design.

Helping clients achieve their goals.


Discovering art in

everyday life.


Award winning design.

Recent awards and recognition include:

  • 2019 American Graphic Design Awards (GDUSA) for Whytal’s “W” Artist Stamp
Awards and recognition while working at RagingWire Data Centers include:
  • 2018 HOW International Design Awards
  • 2018 American Graphic Design Awards (GDUSA)
  • 2018 MarCom Platinum
  • 2018 MarCom Gold
  • 2017 American In-House Design Award (GDUSA) Winners
  • 2017 Communicator Platinum Awards
  • 2017 Communicator Gold Awards
  • 2017 Hermes Platinum Awards
  • 2017 Hermes Gold Awards
  • 2016 American In-House Design Award (GDUSA) Winners
  • 2016 Communicator Platinum Awards
  • 2016 Hermes Platinum Awards
  • 2016 MarCom Gold Awards
Other client awards and recognition include:
  • Davey Award for EagleRay logo design
  • W3 Award, Silver, for Athena Technologies website design
  • The Create Awards, Gold, National Geographic DVD & Video Store design
  • W3 Award, Silver, National Geographic DVD & Video Store design
  • Web Awards, National Geographic DVD & Video Store design
  • Davey Award, Silver, National Geographic DVD & Video Store design
  • Web Awards, NAFSA website design
  • Davey Award, Silver, NAFSA website design
  • General Excellence Gold Award, Siteworx Corporate website design
  • Snap Excel 2007, Siteworx Corporate website design
  • Design Excellence Gold Award, Siteworx Corporate website design
  • Web Awards, Professional Services Standard of Excellence
  • Gold Horizon Interactive Award, 2006 for Siteworx Holiday Card
  • Siteworx Holiday Card featured in the Communication Arts Holiday Interactive Annual
  • ADDY, Chatham Hall website
  • ADDY, ABCD The Movie website
  • ADDY, Showtime Networks Inc, CTAM – Cable & Telecommunications Association for Marketing
  • ADDY, Website; WHYTAL.com
  • Cool Homepages Award, WHYTAL.com


Exceeding client needs with expert design.

“Working with Chris means working with an experienced designer who is able to blend business acumen with design expertise. He takes personal and professional pride in every project, delivering fresh, inspiring creative. Not only is his creative fresh and clean, his personality is a breath of fresh air. Positivity exudes through his work.”

Josette Oder Moynihan
JODER Communications

“Chris Whytal has both the design creative and practical attitude to make virtually any job a success. If you can’t make your communications project work with Chris, I’d be willing to bet it won’t work at all.”

Bob Cohen
Bob Cohen Public Relations

“Since I started SHIFTPOINTS, Chris has been our go-to designer. He designed our logo, our brand identity, our iconography, our book covers, our collateral, and more. He is an incredibly talented designer and is great to work with. He brought the SHIFTPOINTS brand to life and can do the same for your company.”

David A. Ramos
Founder and CEO

“Chris provided creative print and online services to my company over the past 3 years. He is incredibly talented and probably the most responsive creative agency person I’ve ever known.”

Maureen Stevens
Director of Marketing and PR
Athena Technologies

“I think the biggest testimony to Chris’s work is how many of my CEO friends came to me and asked what ‘firm’ we had used. He’s a superb talent and I’d recommend him to anyone.”

Dan Coffing
President & CEO


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