FAA Mobile


FAA Mobile Project Description The Federal Aviation Administration is a governmental body of the United States with powers to regulate all aspects of civil aviation in that nation as well as over its surrounding international waters. Worked as an independent contractor for Siteworx in a team creating the [...]



SSCI Project Description SSCI provides members with critical knowledge to bridge the divide between program requirements and successful implementation within the Government sector. Responsible for poster concept and design.



TotalMotion Project Description Total Motion Physical Therapy provides cutting-edge physical therapy services for the rehabilitation of your orthopedic, sports, neurological and industrial injuries. I’ve had the opportunity to help grow the Total Motion brand from the start creating everything from the logo to collateral, brochures, website [...]



Mingle360 Project Description Mingle360 is a company that provides a solution that combines a single-purpose device with a powerful software application and social networking platform. Responsible for all marketing collateral, brand identity and awareness, web and application design as well as product design. [...]



Cox Project Description Cox Communications is an American privately owned subsidiary of Cox Enterprises providing digital cable television, telecommunications and Home Automation services in the United States. Part of a team responsible for the design and content of various marketing collateral.